It’s Over… For Now

After working a job on a farm in Northern California for six weeks and dealing with shitty hippies, I hitchhiked up the Coastal 101 to Oregon to hang out with friends. Besides dealing with the per-usual array of pseudo-creepy paternal men who pick me up, hitchhiking was a fairly pleasant experience, mostly because the coast was beautifully epic. Afterwards I took freight South and made my way back to the Bay. When leaving Oregon I was too short and the ballast was too high for me to hop a boxcar by myself so I ended up riding a grainer dirty faced through the Cascade Summit… it was 14 degrees F and iced over at the worst of it but once I started seeing the rolling hills and oak trees of Northern California the air started warming up. Ahh… although I feel complicated here, it feels good to be home. Unfortunately my camera broke from summer train trips so I didn’t take any pictures while I was working or hitchhiking. But I picked up a couple disposables in Oregon. One processed, one to go. I’m excited to be reunited with six rolls of film from my summer travels and can’t wait to process them now that I’m stable for a second and have some cash money in my pocket.

( 6 ) December 1, 2013

Greetings from weedland. Too many white rastas. As my mother always said, a yob is a yob

( 11 ) October 22, 2013